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The journey into Spiritualism started many years ago during a visit one evening with grieving friends to a local Spiritualist Church. After receiving communication from my grandfather Edward and my older brother David, Ireturned the following week with an overwhelming curiosity, but also scepticism of the processes and phenomena witnessed on thatpreviousevening, leading me to attend the church weekly so to quietly and objectively observe and research the claims made by Spiritualists. Unsatisfied with some of the answers received when questioning Spiritualist mediums on the processes and mechanics involved, I decided tothrow caution to the wind and explore Spiritualist phenomena through theperspective of personal experience. As such, I joined various development groups so to develop any alleged mediumistic ability that I may have. Finally, receiving tutorage for many years through the late Glyn Edwards and resulting in gaining a Certificate (CSNU) in Demonstrating, awarded by the Spiritualists’ National Union(SNU). But more importantly gaining a personal perspective and understanding of the psychological processes involved in spirit communication. Pursuing further studies in Spiritualist phenomena and in particular conducting original research in the Spiritualist Trance condition and other altered states resulted in being awarded the SNU Diploma Advanced in Spiritualism (DSNU). Overall I hold SNU Awards as a Demonstrator, Speaker, Administrator and Tutor.

Over this time the connection between Spiritualist phenomena and the dissociative condition of hypnosis was found often mentioned in historical literature and research papers alike. So having no experience or background of hypnosis, I went to pursue education in the field of Hypnotherapy; training initially with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, based in London. After a couple of years I finally graduated with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Wanting ever more knowledge, I enrolled with the Academy of Advanced Changework and completed a graduate level course (FHEQ level 6) in Hypnotherapy Practice leading to Advanced Practitioner registration with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

I am currently a Tutor at the Arthur Findlay Centre based in Stafford and as a Specialist Tutor at the foremost educational establishment for the advancement of psychic science, the Arthur Findlay College based in Essex UK, and demonstrate mediumship and host seminars around the UK and wider afield.

Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Engineering and Technology (Chartered Engineer CEng)
  • The Chartered Management Institute (Chartered Manager CMgr)
  • The British Psychological Society
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (Advanced Practitioner Registration)
  • Society for Psychical Research
  • Spiritualists’ National Union: Diploma Advanced plus Certificates in Demonstrating, Administration, Speaking and Tutoring.
  • Institute for Learning.
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