A section of news articles written and published.

Psychic News Vol 40 - Experimenting with Mediumship.

Psychic News Vol 42 - Exploring Mediumship through Hypnosis.

Psychic News Vol 45 - Experimenting with Trance.

News Shopper 12 April 2001 (Interview) - On the Level.

Cold, Hot Reading and Forer Effect: An Explanation

The Principles of Spiritualism

I am a great believer that information and knowledge should be shared freely and openly so to benefit of all in society regardless of education or affluence andreviewing should be performed openly and by those with a genuine interest and desire to see quality knowledge shared. As such I’ll always be interested in the views of others on any oversight they feel I’ve made or any thoughts on how to improve an article. I am currently in the process of consolidating all my research work and will be gradually uploading on the website.

My research page can be accessed here.

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