What is this ‘Sitting in the Power’?

I first came across this practise whilst attending a weekend workshop held at the Arthur Findlay College back in January 1999 hosted by the late Glyn Edwards. Coincidently, also in attendance that weekend were trainee tutors, Sonia Driscoll, Mark Webb and Mike Hunter, along with tutors Leah Bond, the late Eileen Mitcheson and the late Jill Harland.

My Disappointing Trance Sitting with a Kent Medium

As many would know, I’m fascinated by the altered-states and in particular those used in the development and demonstration of trance mediumship. So, when a colleague several months ago sent me a video link of a Kent based trance medium demonstrating at a local Spiritualist centre I was excited to find out more about this medium and if possible to go and see them demonstrate.

What is this ‘Standard’ are we expecting?

It seems almost the norm to read or hear about the need for the standard of mediumship to improve with quips about how much better it was in the past. Listening to thespeech made by Minister Judith Seaman, during one Open Week at the AFC, this was the basis as to why the Spiritualists

Transfiguration Demonstration, Live & Online: A Report of Observations made.

Since Facebook has enabled live video feeds there has been an uptake of mediums and psychic’s taking the opportunity of reach out to their friends and followers using the feature to share their thoughts and craft.

And those who over the last few months have been following the events surrounding Gary Mannion will know that the live feed has been indispensable in allowing parties involved to put their side and thoughts across to all those willing to watch and listen.

The saga of Gary Mannion

So it happened, it was only a matter of time. Video footage showing the fraudulent antics of Gary Mannion made there way on-line for viewing by the general public and personally it makes interesting viewing.

The videos upload onto a dedicated website to expose what really happened in the dark at the Banyan Retreat on the 1st May and opinions are flying about, thick and fast, as to what these videos actually show.

Gary Mannion - Physical Medium: Where’s the evidence?

Physical mediumship has always been surrounded by controversy and perhaps for good reason, as there is no other form of mediumship that requires such stringent procedures to be adhered and followed by sitters and researchers alike.

Spiritualist Trance - Spirit, Multiple Personality or just plain Fantasy?

The hardest question any trance medium has to contend with is answering the query regarding the authenticity of their trance. Is the personality really that of a deceased individual communicating through the medium or is it ego-aspect of themselves or at worst is it a pathological condition?

Physiology of Trance, Meditation and Pseudo-trance.

For a number of years I have been interested in mediumistic trance and in particular its physiology after coming across an experiment conducted many years ago with the medium Eileen Garrett and published in the Proceeding of the Society of Psychical Research

Mediumistic Trance Phenomena - An Explanation

Within mediumship there is two categories of phenomena: Mental and Physical.

Mental mediumship relies on the mental faculties of the medium to (1) initiate, (2) sustain and (3) interpret the information being impressed upon the mediums mind.

Subjective, Objective…….. why it’s all mental!

I recently watched a youtube clip where a rather well known medium referred to Clairvoyance as having 2 forms, Subjective and Objective… and cringed!

These are references that I used to hear quite a lot about when I first started inquiring into mediumship and Spiritualism, and referred to how the communicator or information would be perceived by the medium.

Chris Connelly 2017