Gary Mannion - Physical Medium: Where’s the evidence?

Physical mediumship has always been surrounded by controversy and perhaps for good reason, as there is no other form of mediumship that requires such stringent procedures to be adhered and followed by sitters and researchers alike.

However I am fortunate to have sat in a number demonstrations of physical mediumship over a period of some years and always approach a seance with two criteria.

1) Is the phenomena distinct from the medium? and if so

2) Does the phenomena reasonably suggest a survival of consciousness?

In majority of cases the phenomena I have witnessed would, in my opinion, satisfy the first criteria. In that I have witnessed and experienced a great deal of physical phenomena in total darkness and in dim but often adequate lighting to suggest the phenomena is separate from the conscious and intentional actions of the medium. However I’m yet to experience a demonstration that I feel under scrutiny would satisfy the second criteria, this is not to say I haven’t witnessed to the most wonderful phenomena, such as direct voice. But because I not yet had personal experience e.g. a loved one communicating through direct voice for example, I cannot in fairness say I have witnessed a demonstration to satisfy criteria 2). But a few weeks ago I had high hopes, as I was fortunate to be attending a seance with physical medium Gary Mannion. Now I had heard both good and not so good things about Gary’s seances but nevertheless I never turn down an opportunity to experience such phenomena and went along with an open and hopeful mind.

The seance briefing stated at 7.30pm and it took a full hour to inspect the room, each sitter, the medium and get everyone seated for the demonstration. At 8.30pm the lights went off and the circle leader opened the evening with an opening prayer.

Gary wearing a thick black fleece onesie with a black t-shirt underneath, was seated in a portable toilet camping tent with all the sitters seated around in a circular fashion. I counted 28 sitters which included myself, the circle leader (A) and a young man (B) whose function was to control the music for the evening. Both (A) and (B) were seated either side of the tent and hence at either ends of the circle of sitters. In the centre of the room approx 5 feet in front of the tent was two seance trumpets (both with luminous stripes), a small circle table and a few odd toys. With the light off I noticed that the luminous stripes were giving off a lot of light, thus had been charged by a light source for some time. Though it didn’t occur to me as being strange at the time.

Gary, was cable tied to the chair he was sitting in at both the wrists and ankles.

I was located next to (B).

Before (A) had even finished say the opening prayer noises resembling thrusting, and other violent such movements could be heard within the tent. I remember thinking to myself it sounded like Gary was being thrown around inside the tent. (B) started the music player for background music and the sitters started to sing along to the lyrics of the music being played.

Not too long later (what appeared to be a matter of minutes) the singing was broken by the sight of the two trumpets levitating and moving about the room. It was at this point I noticed something seriously a miss with the seance.

As the trumpets moved about the room I noticed that occasionally the luminous stripes would disappear from view as if an obstacle was in the way, thus blocking my view. Also I noticed the strange hesitant way in which the trumpets came close to the sitters, as if the luminosity of the stripe was being used to assist whatever was controlling the trumpets to get their bearings within the room. In other seances I’ve attended I witnessed the trumpets travelling at high speed around the heads of all the sitters avoiding the variance of heights of the sitters with ease. Here it seemed a little strange that the trumpets seemed not to know the location of each sitter and instead edged cautiously forward and around the room.

A short while later the trumpets returned back to the centre of the room, one appeared to be placed on top of the small table the other on the floor next to it, in a straight line and inline with the entrance of the tent.

Then again I noticed occasionally the luminous stripes on the trumpet would disappear but this time the stripe on the trumpet on the floor would disappear, then the stripe on the trumpet on the table would disappear as the stripe on the floor trumpet would come back (and vice versa). Here I felt I was witnessing an object or person moving around the room in the dark.

Another phenomena that occurred was the apparent full materialisation of a spirit entity. Here the supposed entity moved around the holding two golf balls which had been coated in luminous paint thus to give a small amount of illumination. This illumination was used to allow the sitters to observe the physicality of the materialisation and observed the entity who was not very tall (neither is Gary), had small hands with narrow, long fingers (so did Gary). The entity appeared thin in build (thinner than Gary), but I was conscious of the fact that under low light levels a weak localised light source will only illuminate features closest to the light source. In the same way a torch held under the chin in darkness only illuminates partial features of the face.

The seance at one point made use of the red light to apparently show ectoplasm emanating from Gary. In total there was four instance where the red light was switched on for a period of 10 seconds, but only once did I witness the alleged ectoplasm emanating from the Gary’s mouth. And then it looked like a white handkerchief with one corner held inside Gary mouth.

At one instance a sitter (who was probably as suspicious as I was) asked if would be possible for some evidence of survival to be given to a sitter in the room. The alleged spirit control (who spoke in an Irish accent) responded by saying they would try. Shortly after the trumpet lifted and what could only be described as a crude attempt to imitate a direct voice style phenomena could be heard through the trumpet, as the words spoken were unclear and you could clearly hear the echoing effect as the voice spoke. No one was able to accept the alleged evidence given.

Eventually the seance ended and I was left contemplating what I had witnessed and found I had so many questions.

1) Why did the luminous stripes disappear? Who or what was moving about the room?

2) Why did the trumpets move about the room hesitantly?

3) Why did the materialised form appear to resemble features of Gary?

4) Why was there no evidence? We must remember the phenomena used within physical seance is a method by which evidence of survival is given, the phenomena in itself is not evidence of survival.

Due to the number of questions the demonstration raised and that the phenomena witnessed could have manifested clearly by Gary himself, I can only conclude that this seance did not not meet criteria 1) or 2) and as such the evening demonstration with Gary Mannion was inconclusive.

Chris Connelly 2017