Transfiguration Demonstration, Live & Online: A Report of Observations made.

Since Facebook has enabled live video feeds there has been an uptake of mediums and psychic’s taking the opportunity of reach out to their friends and followers using the feature to share their thoughts and craft.

And those who over the last few months have been following the events surrounding Gary Mannion will know that the live feed has been indispensable in allowing parties involved to put their side and thoughts across to all those willing to watch and listen.

So I was interested to read, while scrolling through Facebook posts, a post by Physical Medium, Chris Howarth, announcing that he would be experimenting by doing a live feed of a transfiguration demonstration on Sunday 28th September at 7pm.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 16.29.33

My initial feeling were of excitement, it’s been a while since I saw the excellent transfiguration of medium Jean Skinner at a local centre in Maidstone, Kent, and having never sat with Chris before, I thought all credit to him for giving this a go.

The demonstration started off a little before 7pm with Chris introducing the room and his circle members which included his own children, which I though was a nice touch. Within Spiritualist communities we often talk about how in the bygone era families used to sit together for the development of phenomena and how it’s sorely missed in todayssociety. Chris then handed over thephone, from which the demonstration would be recorded andstreamed live, to his circle leader whothroughout the demonstration gave a runningcommentary of the event.

Due to the lack of light within the room the use of an IR camera was used and projected on a screen with the phone recording what was seen on the screen, hence why the screenshots below are with a blue tinge, with a circular light image.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 16.30.16

The demonstration proceeded with Chris taking his position within the cabinet and was seen to be relaxing and going into what I assume is some altered-state. In a matter of minutes Chris’s spirit control ‘White Feather’ come through and briefly spoke. Of course, as I stated before in other posts it’s practically impossible to authenticate trance phenomena but I was happy to go with it for the purpose of the demonstration.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 16.30.51

After which point a second spirit control came through (Nero?) and took over the evenings proceedings, which also included the need to ‘build the power’. This consisted of Chris frantically waving and circling his hands, to such a degree, all that could be seen at one point was a blur. I’m not quite sure why this was necessary to build the power in such ‘frantic’ manner, but hey-ho it’s a strange old world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 16.31.21

Then came the transfiguration… however being totally honest I couldn’t see any indication of any phenomena being present. Rather what I observed was simply Chris moving from one-side to the other and occasionally giving hand signs to give clues as to the alleged identity of the spirit communicator that was attempting to transfigure. Disappointingly the rest of the demonstration followed in similar vane with no phenomena being seen.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 16.32.09

Now, I can totally accept a medium experimenting with their ability for the benefit of those interested to learn and observe such phenomena. However what I found disturbing were the comments being posted by the viewers and comments from the circle members, who throughout were purporting to be seeing all sorts of transfigured forms, when it was apparent watching the feed, there was none.

It distresses me that it appears that either we have some very imaginative and suggestible individuals who perhaps through their own grief are desperate to have some validation of a loved-one. Or individuals, who through lack of education and knowledge of such phenomena really don’t understand what physical mediumship such as transfiguration really entails. I would suspect the truth is a combination of them both.

Reflecting on this I am reminded why it is of paramount importance for mediums to have circle members and sitters who are level headed and prepared to say it as they see it. Unfortunately I know of too many examples where I’ve seen mediums literally led up the garden path in believing they’re producing phenomena (mental or physical) because of misplaced praise and ego-massaging, when the medium in reality is found to be producing little or no phenomena. I wonder in such circumstance can we really blame the medium, who after-all in many cases due to the nature of the phenomena is allegedly unaware of what is happening during the seance or demonstration and will rely on feedback and direction from those they trust?

In this circumstance perhaps the viewers and sitters were unwittingly observing such phenomena clairvoyantly, which though possible, would not justify the demonstration as that of transfiguration which by classification is a form of physical phenomena and should therefore be capable to be observed by all.

So my final thoughts on the demonstration are simple. Assuming Chris Howarth is an honest medium and I have no evidence to suggest to the contrary, I commend him for attempting the transfiguration demonstration in such conditions. But I would also appeal to Chris to watch this recorded feed for himself and ask in all honesty, and as uncomfortable the answer may be to accept, do you see any evidence of transfiguration? If not, then respectfully, why did your circle members?

For those interested watching Chris Howarth transfiguration feed, it can be seen on his Facebook page.

*The screenshots were all taken from the live feed of the demonstration and reproduced under Fair Use interpretation of Copyright material, which includes inclusion for the purpose of news reporting and educational use.

Chris Connelly 2017